Protect your business reputation and brand credibility with proofreading

Online Proofreading

Quality control check

Proofreading is the final, quality control check that could determine whether or not your audience will take you seriously.

It’s a real bugbear for people to see errors in professional work, no matter what format it’s in. It can have a real effect on how they regard your company, and more often than not the errors are simple and could have easily been avoided. 

Protect your business reputation and brand credibility with online proofreading.

Website proofreading

When you’re confident on the content but want the final check over, this service is for you. The website proofreading service includes:

*does not include legal pages (e.g. terms and conditions) 

from £150

Marketing material, internal documents and anything else you write

Create content that keeps people engaged and speaks to who you are and how you can help them. Then make sure that you’re not telling people to ‘make a difference, right from the gecko’.

Proofreading the following docs:

from £12/1,000 words

B2b and content creators

I offer retainer packages for businesses that want to offer a proofreading element to their own services for clients as an added value extra. These are great for web designers, marketing companies and graphic designers who realise the importance of creating the right impression and have a lot of content coming through their business.


These packages are also available for regular content creators (e.g. bloggers/social media butterflies). They are priced on a monthly basis.

£50/5,000 words or £100/12,000 words

Need more than proofreading?

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