Protect your business reputation and brand credibility with copy-editing

Online copy-editing

A fine tuning

If you don’t want a copywriter to write your stuff for you, after all, you know your business better than anyone, then getting a copy-editor would be a better option for you. 


Most people outside the publishing industry are after a copy-editor when they ask for proofreading – it’s a step up from proofreading in that, with copy-editing, we are also checking:

  • the language fits the intended audience
  • the sentence flow and structure is smooth and coherent
  • the message is clear

It also include all the proofreading bits too.

Website copy-editing

Struggling with making your message clear and consistent with your brand values? Not sure if you’re talking to your audience? This is the service for you. The website copy-editing service includes:

Everything in the website proofreading option:


from £400

Marketing material, internal documents and anything else you write

You’re at the presentation ready to go and then the sniggers start. Oh balls, you wrote ‘pubic’ instead of ‘public’ and projected it on the screen for your entire organisation to see. Not ideal.

Keep your professional reputation intact and make the impact that you set out to.

Other types of documents to consider getting copy-edited:

from £24/1,000 words

B2b and content creators

I offer retainer packages for businesses that want to offer a copy-editing element to their own services for their own clients as an added value extra. These are great for web designers, marketing companies and graphic designers who realise the importance of creating the right impression and have a lot of content coming through their business.


These packages are also available for regular content creators (e.g. bloggers/social media butterflies). They are priced on a monthly basis.

£100/5,000 words or £200/12,000 words