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A few words from some happy clients…

Website Audit and Copywriting testimonial

Wow! What an absolutely fantastic person Rachel is and what an amazing service she offers! I met Rachel after hearing her ‘attention grabbing’ pitch at a networking event. My copy was terrible and it has been holding me back since I started my business. Rachel has helped me so much with brilliant content, that I just couldn’t ever have got close to on my own. She has improved my websites content exponentially, help me create a perfect avatar to constantly refer to, created ideas for blogs, and so much more, in fact miles more! I can’t sing highly enough for Rachel, as her work ethic, passion, drive and determination are just sublime. Her work is such a high standard and even then Rachel is always looking to improve. Superb person, superb service. Extremely highly recommended!!!

Ian genius

Ian Genius

website Audit Testimonial

Rachel recently completed a ‘Website Content Audit’ for me and she delivered more than what I was expecting. She sent me her report in a shorter time than I anticipated, which was timely as I’m in the process of updating my copy. Her report not only reassured me that I’m on the right track but she also gave me lots of valuable tips on how I could make it even better.

Receiving thorough and genuinely helpful feedback, especially when copywriting isn’t your zone of genius, from someone like Rachel, who clearly knows what’s she talking about, is invaluable.

Thank you Rachel for your help and guidance. I highly recommend business owners getting in touch with Rachel to see how she will be able to help you.

Maria Newman
mummy on a break

Proofreading Testimonial

After meeting Rachel at a networking event, I immediately decided to get in touch. At Design Hive, we offer a range of services that include branding, graphic design and website design, so Rachel’s proof reading skills are a perfect fit for our business. Rachel’s first project with Design Hive, was to proof our brand new website. Rachel was quick and efficient, she paid great attention to detail and gave a comprehensive review of the site. We were delighted to work with Rachel and are very excited to launch our new website very shortly. Rachel comes highly recommended and we will be back with future work. 

Melanie Downing
The Design Hive

Proofreading Testimonial

I asked Barko’s Editorial to proofread the main pages of my website and my most recent blogs. Rachel found errors on the site that I wrote myself but I had never noticed. She was accurate and thorough, and the changes she made have made my website better.

My website is my window to the world and my main opportunity to get new clients and business. Rachel improved the copy, and I can now have more confidence that when people visit my site they’ll have a positive first impression. I would highly recommend Barko’s Editorial to anyone wanting to improve their website. 

Paul Ligas
Paul Ligas photography

copy-Editing Testimonial

We met Rachel through a friend of a friend whilst we were having a brand new boiler fitted. We asked Rachel to proofread our website and give us some tips on how to improve the layout. How professional she was! An excellent service and I can’t recommend Rachel enough. Thank you so much.

Colin and Jackie Bell
Blue Waters Lodge

Copy-editing and Copywriting testimonial

I maintain my own website but I cannot see the wood for the trees when it comes to errors in the content. It’s usually at the end of the week, and I’m adding case studies to showcase a project we have completed that week. Although I enjoy creating content for the site, it’s usually the last job on my list and I’m in a hurry. Then I get home, re-read what I have written and pop back to the office to correct my grammar. Even then, I still miss errors I have made.

We employed Rachel to proofread our site and give us feedback. She meticulously scrutinised every word, page and broken link on our website, and provided us with a comprehensive guide, not just of corrections to be made but also how to rephrase and improve our wording so it is easier for private clients to read rather than other tradespeople.

Having a second pair of eyes has been absolutely invaluable, and one thing that I liked most was her honesty: “your About Us needs some work.” We had mentioned irrelevant qualifications and then practically listed a whole load of trade terms that didn’t speak to who we were trying to attract. Rachel pointed this out in a professional manner that didn’t make us feel judged and also made suggestions as to how we could improve it.

We have now employed Rachel to assist us in re-writing these pages, ensuring we are more appealing to our target market, rather than boring potential clients with technical jargon we would use at the trade counter. 

We are very, very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her.

Gavin Yeoman

Yeoman (SW) Ltd