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Rachel Barkataki (aKA Barko)

Website copywriter and blogger

I’m a huge fan of simplicity. In fact, it’s one of my mottos: ‘how can I keep this simple?’.


I also consider myself a problem solver; understanding the problem, the resources available and the desired outcome and then figuring it out gives me a kick.


And I like a bit of human psychology (human because I also studied dog psychology for a while but they don’t tend to read as much).


I now get to combine all of these loves of mine into a single mission: copywriting.


When it comes to copywriting, keeping it simple is at the heart of the process. 


With the demand for our attention constantly growing but our attention spans shrinking, simple has never been more crucial. It’s much better to be understood than to look clever.


And there’s a problem to solve – how can we engage more clients for this company, get more traffic and build the business.


Finally, I need to get into the mind of the client – what makes them tick and how do they want to be served by the business? What language speaks to them? 


It’s like it was meant to be.


When I’m not playing with words, you can find me quilting and walking my dogs (but not at the same time!).d