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Rachel Barkataki

Copywriter, copy-editor and Proofreader

My job is to help businesses be heard for who they are and what they stand for. That may be by proofreading to remove errors so that the reader can explore the content without distractions. Or it may be by copy-editing, helping the voice of the business and the message they are trying to express come across in a more cohesive manner.

I really love getting to the heart of a business’s identity and helping them discover the language to use to carry that identity through their content. Clearly communicating who you are and the values you have helps build a brand following of your kind of people.

I’m a big fan of plain English; I feel it’s much better to be understood than to try to look clever. I think clear copy that talks to your audience will always win over complicated terms meant to impress.

I’m also not the grammar police. Yes, there’s a right way of using English and some things are set in stone, but communication is more than just a set of rules. We all have a personality that comes across in the way that we write and expressing that helps to build relationships with like minded people (who then hopefully become loyal clients!).

Proofreading and copy-editing in the business world is about making sure that you’re communicating the message you think you are. Proofreading gives you the polished look and helps your audience focus on the content. Copy-editing makes sure that that content is really what you want to say.

When I’m not playing with words, you can find me quilting and walking my dogs (not at the same time!).